Study of Endocrine Disruption Chemicals

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    Interested by the impact of pollutants (e.g., pesticides, pharmaceuticals, domestic care products, industrial and military by-products) on living creatures? Our laboratory studies the effects of a variety of contaminants present in the environment, especially in aquatic ecosystems. We address and assess this environmental health issue by combining toxicology, molecular biology, comparative endocrinology, biochemistry and analytical chemistry in our study design.

    Unique to RMCC, the Environmental Science program and Biology courses are a part of the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department, strengthening the multidisciplinary research approach within our department.

Double congrats to Justine!

Justine Mathieu-Denoncourt has recently published two papers from her M. Sc. thesis in General Comparative and Endocrinology! One of which is an important literature review on the effects of plasticizers – substances that can leach out of plastics – on our hormonal systems. It compares and contrasts their health effects in humans and other non-human species. OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE The second is a research paper on the health effects of monomethyl phthalate on frog reproduction...