CCE242 Biology of organisms

Facebook Блеск This introductory course in general biology follows directly from CCE240. It moves beyond the basics of molecular and cellular biology, to focus on basic themes and concepts of biology spanning organizational levels from organisms to ecosystems. Specifically, this course will explore how multicellular organisms evolved to exploit different environments, and the diverse array of biochemical, physiological, and behavioural mechanisms promoting survival and reproduction. The first part of the course focuses on plant form and function, and the second on animal form and function. The course then studies how groups of species (both plants and animals) interact with the environment to form dynamic ecosystems. Effort will be made to present unifying biological and chemical concepts with examples to encourage student understanding rather than just memorization. (RMCC Course Description for Calendar 2010-11). READ MORE

Instagram Детейлинг see Taught in Winter 2012, 2013.