Double congrats to Justine!

Justine Mathieu-Denoncourt has recently published two papers from her M. Sc. thesis in General Comparative and Endocrinology! One of which is an important literature review on the effects of plasticizers – substances that can leach out of plastics – on our hormonal systems. It compares and contrasts their health effects in humans and other non-human species. OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE

The second is a research paper on the health effects of monomethyl phthalate on frog reproduction and development. ARTICLE

Congratulations Justine! We are so proud of you!

-Langlois Lab

Welcome Sean!

Sean Chrisnell (3rd year student from the Biotechnology program, St. Lawrence College) will be doing his work placement in our lab for the next four months! Welcome Sean! – Langlois Lab

Welcome Shevetha!

Shevatha Ramachandran (M. Sc. McGill) will be voluntering in our lab for the next year! Welcome Shevatha! – Langlois Lab

Welcome back Christina!

Our former St. Lawrence College placement student, Christina Emerton, is back with us now as a Research Assistant. Welcome back Christina! – Langlois Lab

Welcome Dr. Barry Madison to our lab!

We welcome Dr. Barry Madison (Ph. D. University of Guelph with Dr. Nick Bernier) to our lab. Barry will be leading a research program in diluted bitumen aquatic toxicity in our group. Welcome Barry! – Langlois Lab

Thanks to Connor and Nova!

Thanks to both of you for all the good work you did for the lab and we wish you success in your endeavor! – Langlois Lab

Our lab in PLOS ONE: Transcriptional profiling in rat hair follicles following simulated blast insult: A new diagnostic tool for traumatic brain injury

Congratulations to Jing Zhang! His first postdoctoral paper has recently been accepted in PLOS ONE. This work was a collaboration between RMCC, Defence Research and Development Canada and University of New Brunswick. Terrific work Jing! – Langlois Lab

Zhang J, Carnduff L, Norman G, Josey T, Wang Y, Sawyer T Martyniuk CJ and VS Langlois. Transcriptional profiling in rat hair follicles following simulated blast insult: A new diagnostic tool for traumatic brain injury. PLOS ONE (PONE-D-14-13959)

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Congrats to Diana Castañeda for her first Ph. D. publication!

Diana just got her Ph. D. literature review accepted in Frontiers in Endocrinology. This review highlights the hormonal interactions observed between the hypothalamic pituitary-adrenal/interrenal (HPA), -thyroid (HPT), and -gonadal (HPG) axes to better understand how these endocrine systems interact with each other to influence the development of testes. Congrats Diana! We are proud of you! – Langlois Lab

Castañeda DC, Langlois VS and JI Fernandino (2014) Crossover of the hypothalamic pituitary-adrenal/interrenal (HPA), -thyroid (HPT), and -gonadal (HPG) axes in testicular development Frontiers Endocrinol (ISSN: 1664-2392). Accepted on August 11th, 2014.

Congrats Jennifer and Christine!

Jennifer Martel and Christina Emerton have completed their work placement in our lab! Well done ladies! – Langlois Lab