CC503 Special Topics in Endocrinology

Graduate course. Taught in Fall 2011, 2012.  +

CCE242 Biology of organisms

This introductory course in general biology follows directly from CCE240. It moves beyond the basics of molecular and cellular biology, to focus on basic themes and concepts of biology spanning organizational levels from organisms to ecosystems. Specifically, this course will explore how multicellular organisms evolved to exploit different environments, and the diverse array of biochemical, physiological, and behavioural mechanisms promoting survival and reproduction. The first... +

Congrats Diana & Abby!

Diana has presented her first poster (co-authored with OCdt Abby Edmison) to the Military and Veteran Health Research Forum this week (Nov. 14-16th, 2011) in Kingston, ON.  +

Welcome Miranda!

We are happy to welcome Miranda in our team as a research assistant in molecular biology! Welcome Miranda!  +

A Ph. D. position is currently available in our research group

Ph. D. Position Offer ‘Omics for predicting the mode of action of chemicals of concern in aquatic organisms Naphthalene sulfonic acids and salts (NSAs) are high volume chemicals used for a variety of applications, including: pesticides (fungicide, insecticide, microbiocide); lubricants; plasticizers; rust/corrosion inhibitors, and adhesive/sealants. NSAs are considered to be persistent, bioaccumulative, and inherently toxic. The proposed work aims to uncover the toxicity and... +