Our lab in ES&T

Instagram Детейлинг link Congratulations to Justine for having her undergraduate work published in Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T). This study investigates the effects of the azo dye the Disperse Yellow 7 (DY7) in early developement in frogs and shows that high concentration of this dye in sediment induces mortality and malformation in larvae, and further molecular analysis shows that DY7 increases heat shock protein 70 and 90 mRNAs while a microarray investigation suggests that... +

Two biotechnology placement students Joined our lab

https://www.instagram.com/detailing_studio Instagram Автостудия Глянец Welcome to Jennifer Martel and Christina Emerton, two placement students from the Biotechnnology program of St. Lawrence College. We wish you to have a nice experience with us! – Langlois Lab  +

Jeriel’s first publication!

Jeriel Soriano (aka JJ)’s first paper was recently published in Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Jeriel studied the effects of azo dyes in frog embryos for his B. Sc. honours thesis. Co-authors include Justine Mathieu-Denoncourt, Grant Norman, Shane de Solla et Dr.Valerie Langlois. Congrats JJ! Langlois Lab    +

Langlois Lab at SETAC 2013, Nashville, TN

Dr. Langlois and Justine Mathieu-Denoncourt presented during the SETAC North America 34th Annual Meeting held in Nashville, TN on November 17-21, 2013.  +

Welcome to new Lab Members!

We are pleased to welcome three new research assistants in our team: Sarah Wallace (M. Sc. Population Genetics, Queen’s University), Tash-Lynn Colson (B. Sc. Forensics, Trent University) and Connor Edington (B. A. Environmental Studies, Queen’s University). Welcome all! – Langlois Lab  +

Sonja’s first Ph. D. publication!

Sonja just had her first Ph. D. publication accepted in General and Comparative Endocrinology. She is co-authoring a review paper on the presence of steroid 5-alpha reductases in fish and frogs along with Dr. Chris Martyniuk and Dr. Valerie Langlois. Congrats Sonja! We are proud of you – Langlois Lab  +

Welcome Dr. Zhang!

The Langlois Lab is happy to welcome Dr. Jing Zhang to our group! Dr. Zhang did his Ph. D. in Dr. Ken Storey’s group and he will be pursuing his a post-doctoral research on the development of biomarkers for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and intense physical stress.  +