A positive correlation between mercury and oxidative stress-related gene expression (GPX3 and GSTM3) is measured in female Double-crested Cormorant blood

Laura Gibson just published her honours project thesis on the effects of MeHg in Double-crested Cormorant. Her paper was accepted in Ecotoxicology. This works was co-authored by Raphael A. Lavoie (Queen’s University), Sonja Bissegger (RMCC), Linda M. Campbell (Saint Mary’s University) and Valerie S. Langlois (RMCC). Well done Laura! This is a nice piece of work! – Langlois Lab   Gibson LA, Lavoie RA, Bissegger S, Campbell LM  and VS Langlois (2014)  Environmental... +

Effects of potassium perchlorate in frogs – Diana has recently published on this!

Diana Campbell (born Flood) has recently published her 2nd Ph. D. paper on the effects of potassium perchlorate in frogs. Her publication was accepted in General and Comparative Endocrinology. Congrats Diana! We are proud of you – Langlois Lab Flood D and VS Langlois.  Crosstalk between androgen and thyroid hormones during amphibian early development Gen Comp Endocrinol (doi: 10.1016/j.ygcen.2014.03.037) [Epub ahead of print]  +

Successful year for the Langlois Lab!

Thanks to all past and present members of the Langlois Lab as 2013-14 was a successful year for our research group! Well done team! Dr. Langlois  +