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Dr. Langlois has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor!


The effects of diluted bitumen (to be transported by pipelines) in fish

We have just published the first study investigating the biological effects of diluted bitumen which is to be transported by pipelines in fish (in case of oil spills). One of my post-doctoral students, Dr. Barry Madison, is the first author of this work. For free download of the study (until August 14th, 2015): FREE ARTICLE Madison BN, Hodson PV, Langlois VS. Diluted bitumen causes deformities and molecular responses indicative of oxidative stress in Japanese medaka embryos. Aquatic... +

New publication in Metallomics

We have recently published this collaborative piece of work in which we studied arsenic speciation and its effects on DNA methylation during frog metamorphosis. Two of my high qualified personnel: my post-doc Dr. Jing Zhang and a research assistant, Laura Gibson have contributed to this research paper. Koch I, Zhang J, Button M, Gibson LA, Caumette G, Langlois VS, Reimer KJ, Cullen WR. Arsenic(+3) and DNA methyltransferases, and arsenic speciation in tadpole and frog life stages... +

The Governor General’s Gold Medal for one of M. Sc. students in my lab

The first grad student to have completed a thesis in my laboratory, Justine Mathieu-Denoncourt, has received the prestigious Governor General’s Gold Medal at the Spring convocation 2015. The Governor General’s Gold Medal is awarded to the graduating student who achieves the highest academic standing in a Master’s or Doctoral programme (  Congratulations Justine! You have produced an outstanding... +